Buy vs Lease in Jefferson City, MO

Find out which option suits your lifestyle best!

There are many options to weigh in when it comes to owning a car. First, you find a car that sparks your interest, then do some research on that model. Perhaps you really like this model, and decide to go visit your local dealer to take it for a test drive. If you end up taken by this car, then you have to choose between buying or leasing out the car. This decision is just as important, if not more, than choosing the right model for you.

Riley Auto Group in Jefferson City, MO, wants to make the car-buying process more enjoyable and less stressful for you, so we have compiled some valuable information that outline the steps of buying vs leasing. We hope this article helps with all the questions and uncertainties you have when it comes to car ownership!


When it comes to leasing, usually there is an extensive contract involved explaining the duration of your lease, mileage limit, etc. Make sure you read through the contract and understand it before signing, as many times there are oversights, and you could miss key factors like heavy early lease cancellation fees and other important information. Leasing is ideal for drivers who like driving the latest model with all the high-end tech features. You get a new model for a low monthly rate when you lease out a car. Just remember there is a mileage limit, so if you plan on just driving the new car for your daily commute and errands, then this option could suit you best!

You save money instantly when you lease since your monthly payments are significantly lower and only a low down payment is required (if any). If you are in a tight pinch and need a car for the drive to work, this car ownership option will be your saving grace. Although, you don’t get as much long-term value on the model you lease since you cannot trade it in or sell it, you save money immediately, and if you end up really liking the model you lease, you always have the option of buying it once the lease is up.

Ask your local dealer, such as Riley Auto Group in Jefferson City, MO, for current leasing specials, and you can save even more money! Overall, leasing is ideal for those who like to have a brand new car every few months for less money, and don’t plan on driving it extensively.


There is no feeling like owning your car. That is the ultimate advantage when it comes to making the decision to buying your car. Unlimited mileage, and the freedom to customize your own car are some of the many benefits of buying your car. Although you will end up paying larger monthly payments and pay a higher down payment, in the meantime, you will end up paying off your loan, whereas with leasing, your monthly payments continue until the end of your lease.

You invest your money towards something when you buy a car. You can sell it or trade it in for a new model whenever you choose. On a long term basis, you end up saving more money when you buy since you can finish paying off the car and can get money in return for selling it. This option is for those who know what they want and are looking for a car that will last them through the years. If you‘ve been actively putting away money to purchase a new car, this option may be the best for you.

There are always specials and current incentives at Riley Auto Group in Jefferson City, MO! You can save even more money on your brand new car purchase. If you are financially ready and have a certain model in mind that you wish to keep long-term, buying a car is the right option for you.

There are many benefits to both buying and leasing a new car. Riley Auto Group in Jefferson City, MO strives to further you along in the car- buying process. Our team will make this next step all that much more enjoyable for you and less overwhelming! If there is a certain model that has caught your attention, don’t hesitate take it for a test drive today at Riley Auto Group! 

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